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Talking to your class about visible difference as part of your day-to-day teaching practice is a key part of creating an inclusive learning environment for all pupils. Our class resources for primary and secondary schools will help you to support pupils and students to discuss and explore issues such as: respecting and valuing difference; tackling appearance-related bullying; and the importance of treating everyone fairly and equally.


Short of time? Try our 15-35 minute activities:

30 mins

People Bingo


Cartoon task - 35 mins

Tackling bullying



Discussion activity - 15 mins

What makes you ‘you’?


Craft activity - 30 mins

What makes you 'you'?


25 minutes

Tackling bullying




Are you studying Wonder with your class? The Changing Faces Wonder resource was produced to coincide with the release of the Hollywood film adaptation in November 2017 and includes activities and discussion questions based on the film.

Looking and feeling different in a society where beauty is valued very highly can be extremely difficult. We really hope that the film Wonder will be another positive step in our campaign against discrimination and prejudice, so that we can move towards a society that values difference. 

Changing Faces has long championed the book and its sequels, and we have created a resource for schools and youth clubs so that they can empower children to understand and value difference. Quite often people just don’t know how to start having those conversations because they’re worried they’ll get it wrong, and we hope the resources we have created below, in collaboration with Wonder, will make people more confident.

Please read and download our Wonder resource for schools. They include educational activities for young people to practice in school and in youth clubs: 


 If you’re a teacher or youth group leader, we’d love to hear what you think of our resource. If you could please fill out our short feedback form, it would be a tremendous help.

The film Wonder features a little boy, called Auggie, born with a craniofacial condition who starts school. It is based on a book by RJ Palacio that we have long championed and have worked closely with schools and young people to raise awareness of tackling prejudice and bullying within the society.

We have been really delighted to work closely with the UK distributor of the film, Lionsgate, who are keen to use the film as a platform to celebrate difference and face equality .

We would welcome your thoughts and feedback on the film, please complete our short survey.

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