Providing support and promoting respect for everyone with a visible difference

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A man with a visible difference alone against a blue background, sadly gazing off camera

Mental health & wellbeing

Looking after your mental health is vital if you live with a visible difference. Try our guidance, techniques and resources to help improve your wellbeing.

How to manage anxiety

We explore what anxiety is, how it can be connected to your appearance and what you can do to manage feelings of worry.

Relaxation techniques for anxiety

Everyday situations can cause anxiety if you have a visible difference, but practising these relaxation techniques could make a big difference.

Creating a personalised self-care plan

A self-care plan can have real benefits for your wellbeing if you live with a visible difference. We share guidance on how to create a personalised plan.

Managing loss of identity

If you were born with or have acquired a visible difference, you may feel a sense of loss of identity. Here, we explore how to manage these feelings.