A woman with visible difference on a busy street

Adjusting to lockdown easing

Guidance to help you manage anxiety about returning to "normal" as the pandemic eases.

We support people who have a visible difference or disfigurement to lead the lives they want.

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If you are struggling with the emotional impact of a visible difference, call our Support and Information Line.

A woman in a nurse's top, wearing glasses with white hair tied up, applies skin camouflage products to a man's face. We can see the back of the man's head only - he has some stubble on his face and wears a shirt and a blue jumper.

Our Skin Camouflage Service gives people living with a visible difference a choice over their appearance.

A man with a visible difference alone against a blue background, sadly gazing off camera

Read guides for young people and adults with a visible difference, as well as parents of children who look different.


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Sophie, a woman in her 20s, with long dark hair. She has a scar on her forehead and eyebrow. She's wearing a pink blouse.


There are people out there who will make comments, and it really says a lot more about them than it does about me. I have accepted that my scar is now part of me and my face.

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