Providing support and promoting respect for everyone with a visible difference

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A woman with alopecia, wearing a blue jacket with a white top, works at a desk in front of a computer.

Working when you have a visible difference

Guidance to help you apply for jobs, prepare for interviews, manage workplace problems and build the confidence to enter the job market.

Applying for jobs

Are you concerned that your appearance might affect your chances when applying for jobs? We answer some of the most common questions.

Preparing for a job interview

If you have a visible difference, you may worry that your appearance could affect your job interview. Here are some ways you can prepare.

Managing challenges at work

Visible difference can present extra challenges at work. We explore ways you can deal with unconscious bias, discrimination and other hurdles.

Building confidence to work

You can take steps to build confidence to work with visible difference while gaining useful skills and experience and improving your existing abilities.