Providing support and promoting respect for everyone with a visible difference

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A skin camouflage practitioner applying skin camouflage to a service-user

Services & support

Learn about our Skin Camouflage Service and other specialist wellbeing services, including our support line, Online Community and one-to-one sessions.

Skin Camouflage Service

Our tailored Skin Camouflage Service uses creams and powders to reduce the appearance of a mark, scar or skin condition. Learn more and access services.

Support & Information Line

If you or a loved one are struggling with the emotional impact of a visible difference, our confidential Support and Information Line is here to help.

Counselling support

Find out about our confidential, one-to-one social, emotional and psychological support sessions for people living with a visible difference.

Online Community

Access our chat forum where you can connect with other people living with a visible difference, view their posts and offer support to others.

Peer Group Chat Service

Our Peer Group Chat is a private and confidential space for people who would like to connect online with others living with a visible difference.

Workshops for children & families

Our workshops are a great opportunity for children, young people, parents and families to meet and share experiences of life with a visible difference.

For veterans

Learn about services and support for veterans dealing with appearance-altering marks, scars and conditions, acquired in combat or at another point in life.

Urgent support

Numbers to call if you need urgent mental health support. If you are at immediate risk of harm, call 999 or visit your local A&E department.

Frequently asked questions

People often have questions about the services we offer to people with a visible difference. We’ve brought together some of the most common queries here.