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Workshops for children & families

Our workshops are a great opportunity for children, young people, parents and families to meet and share experiences of life with a visible difference.

At our workshops, you can also discover valuable tips and techniques which help with issues such as teasing, bullying, social anxiety and social isolation.

I feel so much more confident about the future now. I feel well equipped with lots of different techniques to help me. I’m ready to face whatever life throws at me! I’m so happy that I was able to share my experiences with a lovely group of other relatable teens. I had the best time and wouldn’t change anything about it! Thank you!

16-year-old girl with cleft lip and palate

We are currently delivering our workshop events online due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We have successfully delivered many workshops during lockdown and continue to offer different age groups and parents a range of events to suit their needs either at weekends or evenings.

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Other support for children, young people and families

We have a range of support and services available for children, young people and their families. All of it is here to help you manage life with a visible difference, whether or not you choose to book a place at one of our workshops. Our resources include:

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