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Peer Group Chat Service

Our Peer Group Chat is a private and confidential space for people who would like to connect online with others living with a visible difference.

Peer Group Chat is our online support group for adults (18 years or over) in the UK who are affected by a visible difference or disfigurement.

It is a private and confidential space for people who wish to connect online, share experiences and support others with appearance-related concerns.

Sometimes you have hidden these thoughts and opinions for such a long time. To meet like-minded people who understand is like a breath of fresh air. I am looking forward to the next sessions. Thank you for organising.

Peer Group Chat user

Keep reading for more information about the service. If you are ready to join Peer Group Chat, please call us 10am-4pm Monday to Friday on 0300 012 0275 or fill in the form on our Support and Information Line page:

Request to join PEER GROUP CHAT

About the Peer Group Chat

We offer our online support groups in two ways: by live webchat or by Zoom video-conferencing. Joining a Support Group will give you the opportunity to connect online with seven to 10 other people. Through eight weekly sessions, you will share and support each other with the experiences and challenges of living with a visible difference. The group sessions will run using our private Zoom account or our secure chatroom service, allowing you to connect online safely.

It’s unusual to be in a group where everyone understands your fears and insecurities. So for me this was useful as I felt valued and listened to.

Peer Group Chat user

Each weekly session has a theme for discussion, with general space at the end to talk about whatever is on your mind with people who understand what you’re going through. Themes include:

The group will be facilitated by Changing Faces staff, who will help to kick-start conversations and keep the group safe and comfortable for all members. Each session will last for an hour and a quarter and you can join on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Use our enquiry form to register your interest and ask any questions you may have.

I felt included and accepted in the Peer Group chat and felt that although I was very nervous. I was able to add to my opinions and ask any questions with ease.

Peer Group Chat user

What are the benefits?

The Peer Group Chat will:

  • Give you the opportunity to connect online and socialise with others with similar appearance-related concerns.
  • Enable you to learn from the experiences of others as well as share your own experiences.
  • Help you to gain the skills and ways to cope with your appearance-related concerns.

I came away from the session feeling very uplifted, though a little concerned that perhaps I spoke too much! I hadn’t intended to speak so much, but I guess I have so much pent-up stuff to say. The group was lovely.

Peer Group Chat user

Request to join Peer Group Chat

The next Peer Group Chat starts soon. To find out more about how to join, please contact our support and information line via telephone or use our online contact form. Please indicate whether you are interested in the live webchat support Group or the Zoom support group.


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