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Youth work resources

Our resources will help you talk to young people about visible difference in youth group settings, enabling you to create an inclusive environment for all.

By exploring visible difference, we can help to change the negative stereotypes often associated with looking different. Talking with young people about visible difference is a key part of creating an inclusive environment for all.

Our resources are open for all youth group settings including youth clubs, sports clubs, performance groups, uniformed groups or outdoor activity centres.

The resources will help you support young people to discuss and explore issues such as:

  • Why some people have a visible difference.
  • How stereotypes have a negative effect.
  • The importance of treating everyone fairly and equally.

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What does our research say?

Our latest research has found that when it comes to taking part in activities outside of school, children and young people with a visible difference are more likely than their peers to worry that:

  • They might not fit in (33% versus 21%).
  • They might not make new friends (27% versus 20%).
  • They might get bullied (19% versus 9%).

One in six children living with a visible difference say they are too self-conscious about the way they look to join new groups (16%).

  • 33%

    worry they might not fit in

  • 27%

    worry they might not make new friends

  • 19%

    worry they might get bullied

About our resources

Scroll down to the next section to view and download our resources.

Funded by The Robertson Trust and the National Lottery community fund in Scotland, our A World of Difference resources will support youth workers and volunteers to better understand and deliver workshops on visible difference to their groups and communities.

The resources will help youth workers and volunteers talk about visible difference within their groups. Through greater awareness and understanding, groups and clubs can provide a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone.

A youth worker with a birthmark works with young people seated at a table

Our workshop lead Beth talks with young people at the pilot in Greenock

The resources are made up of:

  • A guide for youth workers and volunteers on how to run the workshops, which includes a template with advice on timing and details about activities and discussion topics.
  • An optional PowerPoint to use with their groups.

To further support delivery of the workshops we have created an animation about unconscious bias and a 10-minute continuous professional development (CPD) training film:

  • The unconscious bias animation asks youth workers to examine their own reactions to visible difference. It helps to reassure youth workers and volunteers that their initial reaction is outside of their control. Importantly these reactions can be channelled in a positive way, to create inclusive and supportive groups and organisations.
  • The CPD film features two youth workers and a group of young people in Greenock who took part in the pilot. The film gives advice on running the workshop, potential pitfalls, safeguarding and hints and tips.
Young people creating a mind map about stereotypes on a piece of paper

Our resources are designed to encourage reflection on the negative influence of stereotypes on the way we treat others

Resources to download

You can download the resources here:

Unconscious bias animation

View video on YouTube.

CPD film

View video on YouTube.

Information, discussion, and activities help youth groups and clubs explore the ways in which people are different and how to accept these differences. It’s important that all young people learn about difference and acceptance. By creating inclusive environments, we can create an inclusive society which welcomes and includes everyone and values difference.

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