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Teacher training and CPD materials for training providers

These resources are designed to help providers deliver training to new and experienced teachers on how to better approach and teach about difference.

Teachers have a key role to play in supporting young people with a visible difference. Good teaching practice creates an inclusive environment for students who look different and helps all students to understand and appreciate difference.

Good training equips teachers to do both of these things. Our materials are here to help you, as a teacher training provider, support trainees to better understand strategies for working with students who have a visible difference, as well as the challenges they may face.

On this page, you will find two sets of training resources in our A World of Difference series, created with the support of our funder VTCT:

  • Initial teacher training materials for new teachers
  • CPD materials for more experienced teachers

Each set of resources comes with a tutor guide to help with the delivery of this training, as well as slides to use in your training sessions. Both PDF and PowerPoint versions of the slides are available in case you want to make any changes.

Initial teacher training

These materials are aimed at trainee teachers starting out in their career. They are made up of two sessions which last for about two hours each:

  • Session one introduces a range of key concepts and policies and ends with some suggested activities for trainees to focus on in school.
  • Session two should be undertaken at least one month after session one and ideally after the trainees have spent some time in school.

You can download the resources here:

A collage of covers of our A World of Difference secondary school resources


CPD materials

These resources are designed for teachers who have completed their training, at any stage in their career. They are made up of a single session of two to three hours in length.

The sessions provide teachers with opportunities to listen to experiences of school from children and young people with a visible difference, as well as parents and other teachers. They also include suggested activities, recommendations for how teachers can take their learning forward and resources they can use.

You can download the resources here:


A collage of covers of our new A World of Difference CPD resources for teachers

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