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Pledge To Be Seen

Our Pledge To Be Seen campaign encouraged brands to improve representation in their internal and external communications.

Our Pledge To Be Seen campaign was created after our independent research found that people with visible differences were regularly ignored by brands and said they rarely saw anyone who looked like them in the media, adverts or campaigns.

What was the Pledge To Be Seen campaign?

Pledge To Be Seen was a call for companies and brands to represent more people with a visible difference. Those who signed up to the campaign committed to working with us for a year and to include people with visible differences in their internal and external communications, such as recruitment advertising. We also held lunch and learns or other educational events to help their staff understand the prejudice and discrimination experienced by those with visible differences and disfigurements.

The campaign has now been incorporated into our ongoing partnership work.

Partnerships like this are so important in helping to gain acceptance for people like me who are living with a visible difference. The more companies that champion our cause in a positive way like this, the nearer we get to being able to live without fear of prejudice and discrimination.


Campaign successes

One of our most successful partnerships in the Pledge To Be Seen campaign was with Avon UK, which was the first business to sign the pledge. As part of their commitment, they ran a series of advertising and marketing campaigns featuring our ambassadors as models and sharing their stories. Their campaigns reached billions of people across broadcast, press and social media, helping to celebrate and normalise women who have a visible difference.

A white woman with long brown hair and burn scars on her face and hands smiles at the camera and holds a lipstick up to her lips.

Catrin, Changing Faces ambassador, modelled for an Avon campaign (Photo credit: Avon UK)

Sleek MakeUP also featured three of our campaigners in their social media campaigns and generously donated to our wellbeing and counselling services.

Headshot of a young Black woman with burn scars visible along her chin. She has her eyes closed and is wearing metallic eyeshadow and bright red lipstick.

Tatyana modelling for Sleek MakeUP

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