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Avon has worked with us to celebrate the beauty that comes with looking different and has included our ambassadors in its advertising campaigns.

About our partnership

When we look at big-budget beauty campaigns, we rarely see people like ourselves in their images. Many people with visible differences such as conditions, marks or scars will never see someone who looks like them when shopping online or in magazines. Over half of people with visible differences say that they are regularly ignored by brands – while nearly two-thirds think that visible differences are not well-represented in adverts.

Committed to tackling this issue, Avon pledged to work with us in 2019 after research revealed that 80% of women claim to feel too much pressure from the media to be perfect and 60% feel pressured to meet a certain beauty standard. They had also just launched Stand4Her – a new global initiative aiming to improve the lives of 100 million women each year.

A woman in a black top smiles at the camera and holds up a lipstick.

Catrin is an ambassador for Changing Faces. (Photo credit: Avon UK)

Looking different in today’s society is terrifying as there is the idea that everyone should look a certain way to meet the world’s idea of ‘perfection’. There are people who may feel ashamed or embarrassed by their scars, by showing mine I wanted to make them feel more confident about theirs.

Catrin, Changing Faces ambassador and Avon’s first model with a visible difference

Avon’s campaigns

Nude Lipstick Campaign

In a game-changing partnership, Avon cast Changing Faces ambassadors with visible differences to appear in their beauty campaigns, reaching billions through social media and the press.

Our Nude lips campaign with Avon achieved a 2 billion reach across broadcast, press and social, with 131 pieces of coverage including 34 nationals.

Herstory cause-related marketing promotion

In 2020, Avon launched several products in support of our charity, chosen carefully with a focus group of Changing Faces ambassadors.

Our Herstory fragrance collaboration saw five Changing Faces ambassadors tell their own stories in a powerful campaign.

The sales of the fragrance raised £140,000 for our charity, alongside challenging beauty standards.

Avon saw a 126% increase in their engagement versus their monthly average on Instagram during this campaign.

We are so proud to partner with Changing Faces again in 2022. Continuing to champion #PledgeToBeSeen and celebrate the uniqueness that makes us beautiful. We led the way in representing people with visible differences, but we want others to follow in our footsteps. Whether you work for a beauty brand, want to increase representation in your workplace or want to support the community, get in touch with Changing Faces and make a difference.

Jemah Brightman-White, Purpose Partner, Avon

Inclusivity training

Committed to making beauty accessible for everyone, we launched inclusivity training in May 2021 for all Avon representatives and associates, giving them the confidence to deliver excellent service to all clients.

The training combines expertise from Avon makeup artists, Changing Faces wellbeing practitioners, as well as people with lived experience and their interactions with the beauty industry.

As an Avon rep with a visible difference, I can’t tell you how happy I am that this training exists. The training is really thorough and is such a good opportunity for anyone to build their consultancy skills and confidence when giving advice to people with visible differences, which affect one in five people like me.

Julie Randall, Avon Representative

Other support for our work

During COVID-19, Avon launched a reusable mask in support of Changing Faces and other charities, raising £10,000 for Changing Faces in weeks.

Avon also gifted £50,000 in support of our helpline, which provides support calls for people with visible differences.

We engaged thousands of Avon’s representatives across the UK with our partnership, including through lunch and learn sessions attended by hundreds.

Avon has played an industry-leading role in normalising and valuing women who look different, alongside inspiring customers and representatives.

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