Providing support and promoting respect for everyone with a visible difference

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Corporate partnerships with Changing Faces

By partnering with Changing Faces, you can strengthen your brand image by positively representing people with visible differences.

Through our partnership, you can become recognised for your commitment to diversity and inclusion, and engage and motivate your employees with a range of events and opportunities – all whilst creating a real and lasting change for people with a visible difference or disfigurement.

Why work with Changing Faces?

We can deliver real business benefits to your company – together we can create a bespoke partnership, tailored in a way that addresses your company’s challenges and that aligns with your CSR strategy.

We can help position your company as an industry leader on diversity and inclusion – addressing visible difference specifically within the inclusion, diversity and equality and the workplace agenda.

We can make you an employer of choice – by supporting you to recognise your commitment to inclusion and diversity, putting you at the front of the queue for diverse talent.

We can captivate your customers, increase customer loyalty and drive sales – through our cause-related marketing promotions, and value-aligned positive PR, addressing important societal issues that will resonate with so many of your customers.

We can increase employee engagement – by creating an exciting and fun-packed calendar of events, volunteering opportunities and lunch and learn presentations.

We can help you reach new audiences – through tailored marketing and PR campaigns.

How you can support us

Make us your Charity of the Year

Support a cause that affects one in five of your colleagues by making us your Charity of the Year.

We’ll work with you to create a fun, bespoke and meaningful schedule of events and engagement opportunities tailored for your employees.

Communications and advocacy

Through communications, campaigns, and cause-related marketing, we tell real stories from people with visible differences, mobilise consumers and secure social and policy change.


We have many exciting opportunities for companies to sponsor one of our events, campaigns, or training products. It’s an effective and visual way to show your support and provides great opportunities for PR and consumer engagement.

Work for Good

If you’re a small business owner or sole trader, find out how you can support us through Work for Good.

How to partner with us

We would love to discuss the different corporate partnership opportunities available to your company so we can help you choose the perfect option.

Just get in touch with our team to discuss how your organisation could begin a partnership with us:

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