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Face Equality Week 2022

The theme for Face Equality Week 2022 was staring so we launched a Stop the Stare campaign and encouraged people to become visible difference allies.

What happened in Face Equality Week 2022?

Thank you to everyone who helped us make Face Equality Week 2022 a great success!

Our Stop the Stare campaign film had over 72,000 views, sparking conversations across social media. Our ambassadors and campaigners shared their experiences and encouraged people to support our goal for everyone with a visible difference to be supported and respected.

Check out the campaign film:

From national TV appearances and radio interviews to online news pieces and regional newspapers, we achieved more than 100 pieces of media coverage talking about our campaign and why it matters.

During Face Equality Week more organisations pledged to work with us to increase representation. This included Transport for Wales, which also showcased its first advertising campaign featuring someone with a visible difference. Existing supporters including Avon, IBM, Scottish Ambulance Service and Farley’s Solicitors held events, heard from our ambassadors and campaigners, and shared our film.

Someone came up to me in work and said that their niece, who has a visible difference, saw our video. She loved it and said it made her feel less alone.

Atholl, Changing Faces Campaigner

All these activities helped us raise awareness, grow our followers on social media and encouraged hundreds of people to sign-up for our allyship course.

There’s still lots of work to be done, and our campaigners have already shared their ideas on what we can do next to Stop the Stare. Learn more about the campaign on our dedicated page:


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It’s great that you want to take action and challenge the prejudice and discrimination too many people with visible differences and disfigurements still face today.

Become a visible difference ally. Take our free, short course, to be a better ally. You’ll learn more about living life with a visible difference, and it covers topics like what language to use, why we may stare in the first place and how to stop the stare.

Become a visible difference ally

Thank you for getting involved and helping our campaigners to get more people talking about visible differences and disfigurements during Face Equality Week. If you’d like to keep up to date with our campaigns, services and support then sign up to receive regular updates.

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