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Face Equality Week 2023

The theme for Face Equality Week 2022 was staring so we launched a Stop the Stare campaign and encouraged people to become visible difference allies.

What happened in Face Equality Week 2023?

Thank you to everyone who helped us make Face Equality Week 2023 a great success!

In Face Equality Week 2023, our campaigners and ambassadors were proudly being the role models they want to see more of, and saying, “This Is Me”.

No one should be left out, feel isolated or alone, or discriminated against because they have a visible difference. Yet our research into the lives of those who have a visible difference found that:

  • Nearly half (47%) say they have felt self-conscious or embarrassed as a result of their visible difference.
  • More than a quarter (28%) say they feel lonely or isolated.

The media defines what’s normal. Unfortunately for people with a visible difference, that means we aren’t part of this definition. Until TV shows, films and advertising campaigns start consistently and positively representing people with a visible difference, we will struggle to break this stigma.

Phil, Changing Faces ambassador

That’s why we joined forces, and as part of a global alliance of charities and campaigners, during Face Equality Week together we challenging the negative representations, outdated tropes and stereotypes that contribute to the harmful stigma that still exists around visible differences and disfigurements.

Our campaign film asked people why they might respond to someone with a visible difference in a certain way, and called on people to re-position their thinking and celebrate difference with us.

Why now?

We believe everyone should be able to see themselves positively represented.

Our new research carried out by Focaldata clearly shows that the general public thinks that too, with more than three-fifths (61%) of adults in agreement that they would like to see more people with visible differences represented in popular culture.


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