Our Portrait Positive campaign is a collaboration with world-renowned photographer Rankin and designer Steven Tai.

The campaign aims to challenge perceptions of beauty through a series of striking images of 16 different women with visible facial and bodily differences, shot by world-renowned photographer Rankin.

The fashion industry will be brought face-to-face with its narrow standards of beauty during London Fashion Week 2018 when the women involved will appear in Steven Tai’s presentation of his new collection, appearing alongside models without visible differences.


Tulsi is a burns survivor from East London. When she was ten years old she was in a plane crash in which she lost her immediate family. Tulsi now speaks at events, schools and workshops and shares her experiences to bring about change and support people to realise that ‘you matter to this world’.

“I wear my scars with pride as each has its own journey and story to tell. They decorate my body like precious gems.”


Chloe is a student who is about to start a Masters Degree at University College London. Chloë was born with a port wine stain birthmark which covers about half of her body and two thirds of her face.

“I understand what it feels like to grow up with a condition which eternally marks you out as ‘different’ from everyone else. I think that living in a society which places so much pressure on looking a certain way can, at times, make things very difficult. It is so important for people to support one another in whatever ways they can. We need to improve the general understanding and acceptance of disfigurement and remove the stigma attached to it.”


Amanda was born with a condition called Amniotic Band Syndrome which meant that she was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, missing fingers, limited vision in one eye and clubbed feet.

She is now a Public Engagement Officer at the University of Kent and has a PhD in Applied Psychology. She strongly believes that her differences have shaped her career in a positive light.

“I have been increasingly aware of the heightened societal pressures to look a certain way and that somehow being objectively ‘beautiful’ will guarantee success, love, and everlasting happiness, which, as research shows, is untrue.”

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Meet the models

From left to right: Brenda, Angi, Amanda, Phyllida, Raiche, Catrin, Rhona, Carly, Tulsi and Chloe.

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