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Referrals to the Skin Camouflage Service

If in England or Scotland, to refer yourself or your patient to the Skin Camouflage Service please fill in all the fields in the relevant form. Please click here to check the waiting times at clinics before you complete a referral form. If any fields are not applicable please write ‘N/A’

Referring in the South West

We are always looking to improve the quality and availability of our services. From October 2018, Changing Faces will be piloting a ‘hub’ model for our Skin Camouflage Service in the South West of England. Clients will be supported by one larger clinic in Bristol to serve the area, rather than the several smaller, less frequent clinics currently in place.

Clients in the South West will continue to receive the same high quality service through appointments with our Skin Camouflage Practitioners at our Bristol hub.

Waiting times

Please click here to check the locations, referral routes, and waiting times at our clinics before you complete a referral form.

Under sixteen year olds

  • The Changing Faces Skin Camouflage Service does not offer skin camouflage consultations to under-fives. To find out more click here.
  • If you are under sixteen you will need a relevant adult to accompany you to your appointment. Children between the ages of sixteen and seventeen may attend skin camouflage appointments unaccompanied.

Referral Validity

Unless the waiting time for an appointment is longer, referrals are valid for six months.

If you would like another appointment after six months, you will need to have another referral submitted.

Chaperones and Personal Assistance

Please note that chaperones are not provided at appointments. If you would like to take someone with you to an appointment please do so.

Also, please note that if you require personal assistance at your appointment then you will need to bring an appropriate person with you.


We sometimes send emails to clients regarding their appointments. Please be aware that these might be directed to junk/spam folders rather than the inbox. Please check these folders regularly. 

If you experience any problems, have any queries or do not receive a confirmation email after submitting a referral (please also check your junk folder), please contact the Skin Camouflage Service on 0300 012 0276 or email skincam@changingfaces.org.uk.