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A Skin Camouflage Service client takes a brush from a practitioner

How to apply skin camouflage products

Watch a series of video guides to help you apply skin camouflage products at home, as well as tips on making the products last as long as possible.

The video guides on this page will help you to apply your own skin camouflage cream, products or makeup at home. Denise, one of our skin camouflage practitioners, talks you through how to prepare your skin and the best techniques to apply and set the products.

These videos can help you make the most of your own creams, products or makeup while you wait for an appointment. They can also help you brush up your skills if you have had an appointment before. If you’d like a free Skin Camouflage Service appointment with one of our trained practitioners, please fill in our appointment request form.

Denise explains how to prepare your skin before using camouflage cream or products. This includes how long to wait after putting on sunscreen and tips on moisturising.

Tools for applying camouflage products

This tutorial gives examples of the types of brushes and sponges you may find helpful to use, plus tips for applying makeup if you don’t have camouflage products to hand.

Application tips

Denise describes different techniques you can use, including the ‘dot and spot’ technique, plus tips on layering and using a sponge for applying your cream or products.

Advice on setting your camouflage products

This tutorial covers how to set your camouflage products so they last longer once applied. Denise covers the ‘press and roll’ technique, the tools you will need, and how long to leave the powder to set.

What next?

We offer both face-to-face appointments and online or phone advice sessions. If you are interested in having an appointment or an advice session with one of our practitioners, please complete the form on this page.

If you would like to speak to someone about the emotional impact of your visible difference, please contact our wellbeing team on the Support and Information Line to discuss the types of support we offer.

We also have a wide range of self-help resources, which include advice on reducing anxiety, building your self-esteem and how to handle other people’s behaviour, such as staring.

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