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Other options for skin camouflage

We share a few alternatives to the Changing Faces Skin Camouflage Service, including private skin camouflage, sample kits and high-street makeup.

While our unique Skin Camouflage Service is the only free and specialist service for people with a visible difference (a scar, mark or condition that affects your appearance), there are some other options available that you might want to explore.

Private skin camouflage

You may be able to find private skin camouflage practitioners around the UK who charge for an appointment and any skin camouflage products they provide. Unfortunately, we cannot endorse any private practitioner or guarantee the quality of any skin camouflage service offered by others.

Samples of skin camouflage products

Sample kits of skin camouflage creams and powders are available to buy from the following suppliers below. These are also the products that our own practitioners use during a Skin Camouflage Service appointment.

We strongly recommend that wherever possible you have a Skin Camouflage Service appointment before ordering and trying these sample kits. This way, we can help you find the products that best match your skin.

High-street makeup

The skin camouflage brands we use are specifically formulated to last longer and provide heavier coverage than standard makeup brands. However, you might find a product from a high-street makeup brand that works for you.

If you are using your own products, or if you simply want to refresh your knowledge, then take a look at our skin camouflage makeup video series. These video guides can help you to apply skin camouflage cream or makeup at home and provide tips on how to prepare your skin and make the products last as long as possible.

Our Skin Camouflage Service

Our Skin Camouflage Service is free for people with a visible difference – a scar, mark or condition that affects your appearance. Our service can be used by anyone over the age of five and with our wide range of products, we can cater for all skin tones. For more information, read an explanation of what skin camouflage is and what you can expect at an appointment.

If you are interested in seeing a practitioner either face-to-face or online, please request an appointment:

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