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Find a Clinic near you

The clinics which appear as green markers are ones where you can refer yourself. If you want an appointment at a clinic which is a pink marker, you need to speak to your GP or another health or social care professional and ask them to refer you to the service. Please give them our website details so that they can make a referral for you. The light blue markers are for internal referrals only which means only patients of the hospital where the clinic takes place are able to be referred there.

How soon will I be offered an appointment?

Please note that all waiting times shown on the Interactive Map are subject to change (our Practitioners are volunteers who may not be able to provide cover in the event of sickness or other absence. Clinic venues are also subject to changes).

Our volunteers usually run clinics once per month, although they can run more or less frequently, and there are currently extensive waiting lists in busier clinics. We may offer you an appointment at a clinic other than your local clinic to provide you with an earlier appointment, should you wish.

How do I request an appointment?

Please DO NOT contact the locations directly to book an appointment. If you would like an appointment with the Skin Camouflage Service please click here.

After receiving your referral and once an appointment becomes available to you, we will call you or send you an appointment email or letter with the date and time for an appointment.