The Skin Camouflage Service runs clinics across England and Scotland.

How to access the service

Step 1: Look at the map below. This map shows the locations of the skin camouflage clinics where appointments are held. Click on the coloured markers to see the estimated waiting times for an appointment and whether you can make a referral yourself or whether you need a referral from your health/social care professional. 

Step 2: Now you have looked at the map, choose which clinic you would like to attend. If the clinic you have chosen requires a health/social care professional referral, please ask your professional to complete the professional referral form. If the clinic you have chosen accepts self-referrals, you can complete the online referral form yourself. 

Step 3: Once you or your health/social care professional have completed the online referral form you will join a waiting list. When an appointment at your chosen clinic becomes available, you will be contacted to book an appointment. 

Please ring 0300 0120276 to speak to the skin camouflage team, or email

Find a Clinic near you

Please note that all waiting times are estimates which are subject to change. This is because all clinics are run by volunteers and there may not be cover in the event of sickness or other personal circumstances. 

Most clinics are held on one day per month, although they can run more or less frequently. There are currently extensive waiting lists in busier clinics.

We may be able to offer you an appointment at a different clinic than the one selected on your referral order to see you sooner if you wish.

The Skin Camouflage Service is coordinated centrally by Changing Faces, so please do not contact the venues directly about your referral. 

After submitting a referral, you will be contacted for an appointment when one becomes available.