Your support for the face equality campaign will help us achieve our aims

Get Involved

Want to support the Face Equality campaign? There are a number of ways you can get involved.

Adopt the STAND OUT principles

  • Spread the word about face equality at work, school, amongst friends and family
  • Think positively about disfigurement – don’t let negative assumptions get in the way
  • Approachable – display a warm manner when meeting someone with a disfigurement
  • Normal, natural eye contact – look, but don’t stare
  • Deal with discrimination – if you see it, report it
  • Own up to not knowing about disfigurement: Find out more
  • Understanding – show understanding for the challenges people face
  • Try again – don’t give up if people doubt your belief in face equality

At school or work

Get your school to contact Dr Jane Frances, Education Advisor to ensure that your local school/s can create a culture of face equality for their students.

Get your employers/local organisations to sign up to the Face Equality at Work membership scheme. Contact Henrietta Spalding, Head of Advocacy or call 0345 450 0275.

Report something

You can help by being our eyes and ears and reporting anything to us that you think is discriminatory or prejudicial about disfigurement. Send us an email or call 0345 450 0275.