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Our impact

We want to create a future where everyone with a visible difference can live the life they want. Find out how our work is already making a difference.

We are here to support the one in five people in the UK who are living with a mark, scar or condition that makes them look different – and people with visible differences tell us about the transformational impact our work can have.

Our life-changing services build confidence and resilience. They give people with visible differences or disfigurements, the tools to manage their feelings, cope in different social settings, handle other people’s reactions or deal with transitions such as starting school.

In 2019-20, we were proud to support around 16,000 people, making a huge impact on people living with visible differences across the UK. They told us about the relief and dignity of finally being taken seriously and listened to, and the new confidence from having the skills to cope and thrive.

On this page, we share more about the impact of our wellbeing and skin camouflage services, as well as our campaigning and education programmes.

A woman with facial scarring sits in a coffee shop window, holding a glass

“It’s reassuring to know that the charity Changing Faces are there to support people living with a visible difference during this pandemic. It means I am not alone in facing this.” Tulsi, a burns survivor.

The impact of our wellbeing services

We provide the UK’s only free counselling and wellbeing services for children, young people and adults needing mental health and wellbeing support.

“I was in a very dark place, feeling alone, scared and overwhelmed by the effects of the palsy when I first phoned Changing Faces. That first contact was a turning point for me – I felt like someone actually cared and wanted to help.”

Wellbeing service client

Our services offer a range of support that include: a face-to-face and digital counselling service, a Support and Information Line, a Peer Group Chat Service, an online forum and self-help advice and guidance.

The impact of our Skin Camouflage Service

Our specialist Skin Camouflage Service gives people with visible differences a choice over their appearance, giving them control over how they want to look day-to-day.

The service includes a consultation with a trained practitioner to identify a colour match for a person’s skin from a specialist range, as well as expert advice on using these products at home.

“The lady was so kind and a great listener with a great sense of humour. She was so lovely and put me at ease straight away. I cannot wait to go out with my camouflage on. Massive thank you for all your advice.”

Skin Camouflage Service client

We know that our Skin Camouflage Service really makes an impact – 94% of clients tell us it helps them to manage their appearance-related concerns more easily and feel more confident in everyday life.

The impact of our campaigns and education programmes

Our campaigns, education and learning programmes drive change so that the ambitions of people with visible difference aren’t limited by attitudes, behaviours or systems and they can lead the lives they choose.

“Recently I became a champion for Changing Faces, which has enabled me to help, support and empower others living with a visible difference such as vitiligo (a skin condition which I have). Now, as part of my passion to raise awareness, I speak openly about my own experiences living with vitiligo, with the aim of inspiring others to accept and live more confidently with a visible difference.”

Natalie, Changing Faces ambassador, who has vitiligo.

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