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Our supporter promise

Changing Faces is proud to be registered with the Fundraising Regulator, which means we are absolutely committed to good fundraising practice.

The Fundraising Regulator is the independent regulator of charitable fundraising. By registering with them, we are committed to the standards they set in their Code of Fundraising Practice, which ensure our fundraising is legal, open, honest and respectful.

Thank you so much for being part of our community of supporters, who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of people with visible differences.

On this page, we explain our promise to you.

We are committed to high standards

As well as being registered with the Fundraising Regulator, we are also members of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising. We do all we can to ensure that fundraisers, volunteers, and fundraising contractors who work with us to raise funds, comply with the standards set by these bodies and with our own supporter promise.

We comply with the law including legislation that applies to data protection and health and safety.

We are honest and open

We tell the truth and do not exaggerate. We answer all reasonable questions about our fundraising activities and costs.

Our annual report explains how we spend your donations for the benefit of people with visible differences. Our privacy policy explains how we collect, use and protect your personal details.

We are clear

We are clear about who we are, what we do and how your gift is used.

We give a clear explanation of how you can make a gift and amend a regular donation.

We always aim to avoid jargon and use plain English.

We are respectful

We respect the rights, dignities and privacy of our supporters and beneficiaries.

We do not put undue pressure on supporters to make a gift. If you do not want to give or wish to reduce your commitment or cease giving, we respect your decision.

If you tell us that you don’t want us to contact you in a particular way we will not do so. We will never share your details either for financial gain or to enable third parties to contact you.

We are fair and reasonable

Our approach ensures that vulnerable people are protected while having the opportunity to contribute.

We take care not to use any images or words that cause unjustifiable distress or offence.

We take care not to cause unreasonable nuisance or disruption.

We are accountable

If you are unhappy with your experience of donating to or supporting Changing Faces, you can contact us to make a complaint.

We have a complaints procedure, but if we cannot resolve your complaint ourselves, you can contact the Fundraising Regulator.

For further information or queries, please email [email protected]

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