Common Questions about Skin Camouflage Products

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We have taken the difficult decision to pause all skin camouflage clinics until further notice. Find out what support is still available.

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My GP has not heard of Changing Faces or the Skin Camouflage Service.

– GPs and other health and social care professionals are invited to read the website to learn more about skin camouflage.

– Healthcare professionals are welcome to get in touch with us by phone or email with any questions or queries.

– This service was started in 1975 by the NHS and the British Red Cross and has been run by Changing Faces since 2011.

My GP or pharmacist cannot find my products on their system?

It’s very important to use the full product name, shade, brand, and size when searching for the products. Please get in touch if you continue to have difficulties.

I have been told the products are not available on prescription.

Our Skin Camouflage Practitioners will only recommend products to you that are available on prescription via the Borderline Substances List.

However, prescriptions are at your GP’s discretion. Whether or not your GP can routinely prescribe Skin Camouflage products may be determined by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in your area. It may be helpful speak to your GP regarding your needs, and to explain the benefit that the products may have for your wellbeing.

In some cases a GP may complete an Individual Funding request for the products even if they are not routinely prescribed where you live.

I need help applying my products.

Please apply the camouflage cream in thin layers. Make sure that you leave the powder on for at least ten minutes before lightly brushing off.

If you are applying any creams or lotions underneath your products, please give these plenty of time to sink in so your products do not slide off when they are applied on top.

Your Skin Camouflage Practitioner may recommend certain sunscreens for use with the camouflage products. If you use a non-recommended sunscreen you will need to test its compatibility with the camouflage creams.

It is possible to apply a more liquid foundation over the top of the camouflage creams by applying lightly with a foundation brush or sponge. Mineral powder foundations are not compatible due to their method of application.

When properly applied and set, camouflage products will last up to a day on the face and between 2-3 days on the body.

Skin camouflage products are water-proof once set properly and you can swim and shower with them on. When drying gently pat the area and avoid rubbing.

Where straps or clothing is in contact with the skin a fixing spray can help prevent products from staining clothes. Fabric stain removal products can help to lift stains if this should happen.

Which skin camouflage products are used in the clinics?

All of the skin camouflage practitioners use a range of camouflage creams and powders from Dermacolor, Veil, Covermark and Keromask.

Their kits contain approximately 140 different shades of creams and around 10 shades of powder so as to provide the most effective colour match possible.