Skin Camouflage Service

A skin camouflage appointment offers the opportunity to try out skin camouflage products and see if they might be a helpful option. Skin camouflage products are creams and powders that can be used to reduce the appearance of a mark, scar or skin condition. 

Many people with a visible difference can struggle with social anxiety and low confidence, especially as they can experience staring, comments, or unwanted attention. Our specialist skin camouflage service is there for people with marks, scars and skin conditions who may wish to try out the option of skin camouflage and see if it’s a helpful tool for managing life with a visible difference. During appointments, our trained skin camouflage practitioners talk to people about their concerns and provide practical advice.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have taken the difficult decision to pause all skin camouflage clinics until further notice. You can still access our self-help resources, and read our advice and information about the effect of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the visible difference community.

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