Order your Butterfly now for Face Equality Day!

Order your Face Equality Day Butterflies

butterflyOn Face Equality Day we’re asking our supporters to wear our Butterfly on their face or body. It’s a great way of showing support – and creates a talking point so you can tell people why face equality is important.

The Butterflies are temporary. They are applied to the skin with a wet cloth, and then removed with make up remover or baby oil. They measure approx 3cm x 3cm and are suitable for people who are following vegan, halal or kosher diets.

The Butterflies are free but if you are able to make a donation, we would be very grateful. You can donate by SMS – just send ‘CFCF00’ followed by the amount you want to donate to 70070 (i.e. to donate £3 send ‘CFCF00 £3’ and to donate £10 send ‘CFCF00 £10’). The maximum text donation is £10.

To donate £25 or any other amount, please click here to donate securely online.

Complete the form below and we’ll get your Butterflies in the post very soon. Please allow 14 days for delivery.