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Our campaigners

Changing Faces campaigners are a diverse group of adults from across the UK, united to speak out about living with a visible difference.

Changing Faces campaigners share their experiences and call for change. Current campaigners have spoken with policy makers, addressed MPs, presented in board rooms of big businesses and given interviews across the media.

Their campaigns have raised awareness of what it’s like to live with a visible difference in the UK today. They’ve influenced household brands like Avon UK to pledge to partner with us to increase representation and won the support of national organisations like the British Film Institute as part of our I Am Not Your Villain campaign.

About our campaigner programme

Volunteer campaigners join a two-year programme that supports people to learn new skills, build the confidence to tell their stories, create calls to action and share campaign messages. They get:

  • Media spokesperson training.
  • Public speaking workshops.
  • Advice on how to make an impact with social media.
  • Training on how to engage politicians.

I believe educating others to be kind and open-minded is key in helping others to understand what it is to live with a visible difference.

Chrissie, burns survivor and Changing Faces campaigner
Paulette in a pink suit, smiling on an Avon photo shoot

Paulette on a photo shoot for Avon after the company partnered with us

What our campaigners say

Many of our campaigners have shared their stories. Here are just a few of them:


“Becoming a campaigner for Changing Faces is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It has given my passion for raising awareness of living with a visible difference a new focus.

Through our regular catch ups and external training, I feel supported to learn new ways to make a difference through sharing my story and have become a confident spokesperson for the charity.”

I have also benefited from the countless opportunities to share my lived experience with organisations looking to create a more diverse and welcoming culture or product. From offering written feedback on film scripts to attending academic panels, I never know where the campaigning programme will lead me but that’s what’s so exciting.

In this video, Laura shares why she became a campaigner.


“Being a campaigner has brought so much positivity into my life. I encounter warmth and kindness on a daily basis. Many have praised me for telling my story, and it has restored my faith in humanity. I believe educating others to be kind and open minded is key in helping others to understand what it is to live with a visible difference.”

I live by the words of the song ‘This is Me’ from the Greatest Showman – ‘I won’t let them break me down to dust; I know that there’s a place for us; For we are glorious.’ Working with my fellow campaigners has proved the truth in this.

In this story, Chrissie shares how campaigning has made her feel part of a community.

Changing Faces campaigner Chrissie smiling indoors

Chrissie says that volunteering as a Changing Faces campaigner “has brought so much positivity into my life”


“Coming out of the pandemic, there was a shift in how people started to be unapologetically themselves. That was something I wanted to do and becoming a campaigner for Changing Faces felt like a natural way to do so.”

With Changing Faces, I have built up my confidence in public speaking, been able to encourage others to embrace their visible difference through media coverage and meet some really amazing people along the way!

As part of this set of reflections by campaigners, Isobel shares how campaigning has helped her empower others.

Becoming a campaigner

Every year we recruit a new group of campaigners. Recruitment is currently closed, but to hear when applications open, please sign up for our supporter newsletter or follow us on social media.

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