What is Face Equality Day?

Face Equality Day is the UK’s only campaign to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally whatever the appearance of their face or body.

Face Equality Day is a special day of celebration and action, which helps to celebrate our community, to give a voice to more people with a visible difference, and to change people’s perceptions of visible difference.

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When is Face Equality Day 2019?

Wednesday 22 May 2019 but this year there are a whole week’s worth of activity starting from Monday 20 May.

#MyVisibleDifference Report

Millions of adults with a visible difference tell us they feel excluded from public life, often facing loneliness, isolation, and even hostility.

Key findings from the brand new My Visible Difference report

We’ve published brand new research into the experiences of people with a visible difference about key issues including employment, health and wellbeing, dating and relationships.

  • Millions of people in the UK identify as having a visible difference such as a mark, scar or condition that affects their appearance
  • 23% of those feel self-conscious or embarrassed going out in public
  • Over a third of those have been discriminated against in job applications because of their appearance
  • 54% of feel those with visible differences are regularly ignored by brands

The My Visible Difference Report

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By Face Equality Day 2020 we want to see:

  • 20 brands sign our Pledge To Be Seen and commit to better representing people with a visible difference
  • Schools across the UK using our resources to raise awareness about visible difference and appearance-related bullying
  • Employers tackling appearance-related discrimination in the workplace and providing training for staff.
  • More police forces and other agencies committing to raising awareness of
    appearance-related hate crime and improved reporting procedures for victims
  • Improved access to wellbeing care for people with visible differences across the UK

How can you get involved? 

Join our supporters in workplaces, schools, communities and online who are making stigma and discrimination a thing of the past.

  • Are you hosting a local event or campaign that takes visible difference as its theme? Tell us about it and we’ll help you promote it.

  • At school? Sign up for the free #FaceEqualityDay activity pack. Featuring butterfly transfer tattoos, fun classroom activities and fundraising idea for England & Wales and Scotland.

  • On social media? Helps us spread the awareness using #FaceEqualityDay

  • Text FaceEquality to 70085 to donate £5 + your standard network rate message

#MyVisibleDifference Stories 

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#MyVisibleDifference Story

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#MyVisibleDifference Story

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#MyVisibleDifference Story

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Face Equality Day Resources


#MyVisibleDifference in the workplace pack


#MyVisibleDifference in schools pack


Advice & Support

Support for people who have any condition or injury that affects their appearance

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