Face equality is about being treated fairly and equally regardless of the way you look

About Face Equality

Face equality is about being treated fairly and equally whatever the appearance of the face or body, creating a society in which everyone is valued for the unique contribution that they can make.

The face equality campaign aims to:

  • raise awareness of our unconscious beliefs about disfigurement that can result in prejudice and discrimination
  • encourage people, organisations and the government to tackle such beliefs and attitudes and make a commitment to face equality
  • help everyone learn new ways of thinking and behaving towards people with disfigurements.

Every year we call on:

  • individuals to spread the word, stand out and support face equality
  • health and social care professionals to develop services to provide better psycho-social support
  • the education system to ensure that staff are adequately trained to develop a culture and practice of inclusion 
  • employers to create a culture and practice of Face Equality for employees and customers
  • the media, advertisers and the film industry to adopt factual and unbiased portrayals of visible difference – actively avoiding language and imagery that creates prejudice
  • politicians and policy makers to ensure that prejudice and discrimination are effectively outlawed by improving anti-discrimination law and promoting best practice