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Vitiligo Awareness Month: Natalie’s story

Since 2011, the vitiligo community has been joining together globally to celebrate Vitiligo Awareness Month which aims to re-emphasise the importance of raising awareness and educate others about the challenges often faced by those with a visible difference.

Having vitiligo has made me stronger. It’s made me more resilient and has allowed me to be more compassionate towards others with a visible difference.



Lindsay’s story: ‘We’re all the same’

Lindsay’s father has a vascular anomaly which affects the right side of his head, face, eye, and mouth.

I want to show people that there’s nothing wrong with looking different so that public perceptions of my dad and other people with visible differences can change.



Bronwen’s story: ‘It is okay to look different’

My name is Bronwen and I have a bilateral cleft lip and palate and amniotic band syndrome which affects my left hand and my right foot.

I was finally able to meet people who understood me, and I realised I was not alone. I was part of an amazing community of people who are all unique and special in their own way.


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