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Real stories

Read or listen to real stories from people affected by visible difference, their parents and families, as well as Changing Faces staff and volunteers. Inspired to share your story? We’d love to hear it – share your story now.

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Laura’s campaigning journey (so far)

Our ambassador Laura speaks about her experiences as a campaigner and offers guidance for taking those first steps into the world of campaigning.

A man wearing glasses and a patterned black and white top smiles at the camera against a black background.

Ryan reflects on staring

Ryan reflects on the difference between a look and a stare, sharing his own experiences with his views on how society behaves towards people with a visible difference.

Stop the Stare aims to prevent staring before it starts

Stop the stare: Our campaigners reflect on staring

It’s Face Equality week, and we’re calling for the public to better understand the impact of negative behaviours, such as staring, on those who have a visible difference or disfigurement. Today, our campaigners share how staring impacts their lives.

A collage of Ella, a 20 something year old white woman who has a blonde mohawk and a cranio-facial condition, Shankar, a 20 something year old man of colour, who has medium-length black hair and the skin condition vitiligo; and Hannah, a 20 something year old white woman who has long brown hair and is wearing glasses.

Ella, Hannah and Shankar on dating

In this edition of our podcast, Ella, Hannah & Shankar reflect on what it's like to date someone when you have a visible difference.