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How to donate as a small business

If you run a small business, you can support our work easily, legally and securely by donating directly from your sales via our Work for Good page.

We’ve teamed up with the fundraising platform Work for Good to make it easy for you to donate directly to Changing Faces from the sale of your products or services.

Donating via our Work for Good page is a legal and straightforward way for small businesses to make a gift of any size to our vital work providing support to people living with a visible difference.


What is Work for Good?

There are 5.8 million small businesses in the UK, but currently only 2% of charity income comes from business, compared to 43% from individuals. Work for Good is a fundraising platform which makes it easy for small businesses to donate to Changing Faces directly from the sales of your products and services.

By donating via our Work for Good page, you can help us fund our vital counselling and wellbeing support, Skin Camouflage Service and campaigns, so we can continue supporting people living with visible differences across the UK.

How to donate

To make a donation to Changing Faces via Work for Good, click the button below to visit our Work for Good page and hit the big red donate button.

You can then complete your donation in three easy steps:

  1. If you don’t already have an account, you will be prompted to set one up.
  2. You’ll then fill in our donation form and make a Commercial Participation Agreement with Changing Faces.
  3. Finally, you’ll be guided how to comply with charity law by letting your customers know how funds will be raised.

There is no lower or upper limit on the amount you can donate.


Sharing with customers and employees

You’ll also be given the opportunity to create your very own Work for Good page. This way, you can share your charitable giving with customers, clients and employees – and let others know about Changing Faces and the vital work we do supporting the visible difference community.

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