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Pledge To Be Seen: Calling on brands to represent visible difference

Many people with a visible difference feel that people who look different are ignored by brands. Help change that by joining Pledge To Be Seen.

Over half of those we surveyed with a visible difference felt that people who look different are regularly ignored by brands.

By joining our Pledge To Be Seen campaign, your company can help change that.

On this page, we explain what Pledge To Be Seen is, why it matters – and how your organisation can get involved.

What is Pledge To Be Seen?

Even though one in five people in the UK identify as having a mark, scar or condition that affects their appearance, more than half of those who responded to our independent research with ComRes said that people with visible differences were regularly ignored by brands.

It’s time for people with a visible difference to be seen and heard. That’s why Changing Faces launched the Pledge To Be Seen campaign. It’s our call to companies and brands to represent more people with a visible difference.

Avon UK was the first business to sign the pledge. As part of their Pledge To Be Seen commitment they’ve run a series of advertising and marketing campaigns featuring our ambassadors as models and sharing their stories.

Partnerships like this are so important in helping to gain acceptance for people like me who are living with a visible difference. The more companies that champion our cause in a positive way like this, the nearer we get to being able to live without fear of prejudice and discrimination.


How does my organisation sign up?

If your organisation would like to be part of Pledge To Be Seen, simply complete the form below and we will be in touch.

Changing Faces will put these details on our secure database. Any details you give us will be used to correspond with you, in accordance with your preferences and we will not share the details submitted on this form with any third parties. View our full privacy policy

If you have any questions about this form or the pledge, please feel free to email [email protected]

Why does Pledge To Be Seen matter?

People with a visible difference contend with stares, comments and bullying because of how they look.

I was working in a shop when a woman I was serving said, ‘I thought you had to be pretty to work in here’. I was comfortable with my psoriasis, but her comments broke me. I became very insecure, constantly felt like everyone was looking at me, and all this resulted in my depression and anxiety getting much worse.


They tell us they feel excluded and isolated from public life, rarely seeing anyone who looks like them in the media, adverts and campaigns.

  • 1 in 3

    feel depressed, sad or anxious

    as a result of having a visible difference

  • 2 in 5

    have felt judged

    by potential employers and have not applied to certain roles because of their appearance

  • 54%

    say that people with a visible difference

    are regularly ignored by brands

What can companies and brands do?

We are calling on companies and brands to sign up to our Pledge To Be Seen commitment. You can change the lives of people like Jude and Phil by representing more people with a visible difference in your communications.

I had an interview at a company that fitted satellite dishes and TV aerials, where the man said, ‘I can’t employ you. I couldn’t send you out to a customer with a face like that.’


Companies who sign up commit to:

  • Publicly sharing news of your pledge.
  • Representing more people with a visible difference in your campaigns (advertising, PR and recruitment) in the next 12 months.
  • Communicating your pledge internally as part of your commitment to an inclusive workplace.
  • Sign up using the form above and we’ll get in touch to help you become a Pledge To Be Seen organisation.

How can individuals help?

Anyone can support this campaign – simply encourage your employer to sign up for Pledge To Be Seen.

We recommend that you email your human resources or diversity and inclusion manager explaining why you think this campaign matters, sharing a link to this page on our website.

Employers should not judge your capability for a job based on your looks. And if anything, diversity should be celebrated more in the workplace as we can all bring our backgrounds and unique qualities to create a strong team.


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