“I was working in a shop when a woman I was serving said, “I thought you had to be pretty to work in here.” I was comfortable with my psoriasis but her comments broke me. I became very insecure, constantly felt like everyone was looking at me, and all this resulted in my depression and anxiety getting much worse.” – Jude, age 26.

Thousands of people who have a visible difference, like Jude, have experienced discrimination. In fact, one third (34%) of those who have a job say their employers have not been effective in preventing discrimination against them. Also over half (54%) say that people with visible differences are regularly ignored by brands.

It’s time for people with visible differences to be seen and heard.

We are calling on companies and brands to sign up to #PledgeToBeSeen 2020 to represent more people with a visible difference in their campaigns over the next year.

We want people who look different to be represented across mainstream culture and to have the freedom to express themselves. We want everyone to have a real choice when it comes to the brands they buy and the companies their work for, and to see themselves reflected in both advertising and the workplace.

We are delighted that Avon are the first company to sign up for #PledgeToBeSeen featuring our amazing ambassador, Catrin, a burns survivor, in their new beauty campaign.

If your company or brand would like to sign up for  #PledgeToBeSeen 2020 please get in touch with us by filling out this form . 

Work with us to ensure your company truly represents real people with a visible difference in the future.

Meet the models who kick-started the original Portrait Positive campaign. It’s time we saw more models like this across the industry.

  • Our Portait Positive model Amanda

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