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Visible difference resources for your child

A list of resources for young people with a visible difference or disfigurement which you can share with your child.

Here, you can find a list of resources designed especially for children and young people living with a visible difference or disfigurement. They complement the resources we have created for parents and carers.

How to use these resources

There are a few ways you could use these resources, depending on the age, personality and independence of your child. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Send your child a link to the children and young people section of our site so they can browse themselves (recommended for older teenagers).
  2. Send specific links to your child which you think would be useful, for them to browse and read as they choose (recommended for more independent younger teens).
  3. Share specific links, then talk to your child afterwards (recommended for less independent younger teens).
  4. Go through specific pages with your child and discuss as you read (recommended for younger children).

You know your own child! Feel free to adopt whatever approach you think is most appropriate.

If your child is doing independent reading, you could set aside some time to chat to them informally, whatever age they are. We suggest that, however old or independent they are, you let them know that they can ask you any questions they have.

You could casually ask them about their reading at an appropriate time – for example, you could say, “How did you get on with those links I sent you from the Changing Faces site?”

Resources by category

Building confidence and knowledge

Coping with other people’s reactions

Worries and anxiety

Social life, friends and school

Butterfly activity pack

The butterfly activity pack was first created for Face Equality Week 2020, to keep children busy and engaged during the first national lockdown, whilst helping them learn to value difference. It can also be used in schools and nurseries.

It contains activities such as colouring in, making 3D butterflies and even some baking – although you shouldn’t eat the results! It proved to be one of our most popular resources that year, with over 12,000 views.


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