Providing support and promoting respect for everyone with a visible difference

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Parents and families

Resources to help you with the challenges you may face if your child has a visible difference – from supporting them to looking after your own wellbeing.

Your child & their visible difference

Guidance to help you learn about your child’s visible difference and support them to grow in confidence, plus resources you can share with your child.

Hospital & treatment

It can feel overwhelming if your child needs to receive medical treatment or stay in hospital. These resources are here to help you through these challenges.

Looking after yourself & your family

Bringing up a child with a visible difference can sometimes take a toll on you and your family. Our guides can help you overcome these challenges.

Other people's reactions

Browse our guides to coping with reactions to your child’s appearance and the extra difficulties your child may face, like bullying.

Going to school

Starting school or nursery can present extra challenges if your child has a visible difference. These guides help you give your child the best start.