The Skin Camouflage

For someone living with scarring or a skin condition that affects their appearance and confidence, specialist camouflage products offer a way to cope. Our service helps individuals to regain self-confidence and independence.

Our trained Skin Camouflage Practitioners find the best colour match for each person's skin tone and then teach how to self-apply the specialist cover creams and powders. The products are fully water-proof and are available on prescription. We run clinics in about 120 locations across the UK, usually one morning a month.

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To find out more about the Skin Camouflage Service please click here.

Our clinics generally run once a month and are delivered by Practitioners who provide this service on a voluntary basis. 

Accessing the Service

Please keep using our online referral system that allows us to support thousands of patients.

If you are an individual: if you live in the UK, you can get a referral from your GP or other clinician, which will enable you to access the service and get a GP prescription. Or you can refer yourself – please see below.

To self-refer: click here

If you are a clinician, you can refer a patient via our online referral form.

If you need any help with making an online referral or want more information, please contact us on:, or call 0300 0120 276.



Changing Faces is the official home of the Skin Camouflage Service. The programme was established in 1975 by the British Red Cross and since then it has helped tens of thousands of people to grow in confidence and independence. The service transferred to Changing Faces in 2011.