The Skin Camouflage Service offers appointments with trained skin camouflage practitioners.

Skin Camouflage Service

The Skin Camouflage Service offers appointments with trained skin camouflage practitioners at around 80 clinics across England and Scotland

Changing Faces are committed to improving the quality and availability of our services. From September 2019, clients will be supported by two larger clinics in Birmingham and Nottingham to serve the area, rather than the several smaller, less frequent clinics currently place. We have already tested this model in the South West, and now look to extend the model to a high-volume area.

Clients in the Midlands will continue to receive the same high quality service through appointments with our Skin Camouflage Practitioners at our Birmingham and Nottingham hubs.

NHS Referrals

If you are an NHS professional you can refer a patient directly.

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