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Find out why there is no better charity to partner with than Changing Faces

Over a million people in the UK have a disfigurement. Our staff and volunteers support more than 3,000 people face-to-face each year across the UK; tens of thousands more download our self-help guides and other online information resources. Changing Faces is an impactful and effective organisation.

As an effective and ambitious charity, we relish the opportunity to work with different companies across the country. We have many opportunities to involve your staff in our work in order to help us help more people and help you reach your CSR and learning and development goals. For example:

  • staff from your company could take part in a fun and exciting fundraising event for the charity
  • you could adopt Changing Faces as your Charity of the Year, and we can run events with you throughout the year
  • employees who are able to commit might be able to join our Skin Camouflage Service as a volunteer practitioner
  • your leadership or management team could benefit the cause by working with us to develop a new project, or help us investigate ways of making an existing service even more effective
  • your company could support our annual Gala or other major event

Changing Faces has thousands of followers on social media, many of whom are incredibly engaged with the cause. We believe that working with and supporting Changing Faces is an excellent way for your company to achieve your goals whilst supporting people across the UK.

For further information, please contact the fundraising team by email. 


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