Telegraph Christmas Charity Appeal

Telegraph Words Matter Appeal

Right now, people with visible differences are being ignored, abused and silenced, just because they look different.

Research shows direct links between media coverage and appearance-related bullying and hate crime in Britain.

This Christmas, we’re teaming up with the Telegraph as part of their Christmas Charity Appeal to challenge the everyday prejudice fuelling appearance-related bullying and hate crime.

We’ll give a voice to people who look different – to those who have been historically silenced – empowering them to tell their stories and give their answers to the key social challenges facing them today.

Together, we can change the conversation on looking different this Christmas.


Our Portrait Positive model Tulsi, a burns survivor

Ignored, silenced, abused. Help change the conversation on looking different this Christmas. Help change it now

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Every story adds a voice. Give a voice to people with a visible difference by sharing your story here


As part of our Telegraph Appeal, we asked our community for their stories of living with a visible difference. Crystal’s story – She tells us...
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