A skin camouflage practitioner wearing a white medical coat with a Changing Faces badge, smiles at the camera. She has short curly hair.

Jenny on a day in the life of a skin camouflage practitioner

Skin camouflage practitioner Jenny explains how skin camouflage works and why she loves helping people with visible differences.

I volunteer as a skin camouflage practitioner at the Exeter clinic along with another volunteer, Cherryl. I love my role with the Skin Camouflage Service, so I thought I’d give you an insider glimpse at what being a practitioner is like.

New appointments

The Exeter clinic is great. It’s a bustling, popular clinic visited by clients travelling in from all corners of Devon, Cornwall and beyond. My organisation for the clinic begins when Cherryl and I receive new referrals (appointments) to the clinic from our coordinator in the Changing Faces head office in London. The coordinators are on hand to help with any clinic admin and offer any support needed.

We then phone clients to book their appointments; it gives people the opportunity to ask questions and allay any anxieties that may understandably arise before an appointment. Confirmation letters are popped into the post, and two days prior to the appointment we text each client to remind them of their appointment.

Listening is a huge part of my role. I always spend time asking questions and seeing how I can best support each client.

Our products

When the clinic day comes we arrive early to set out the kit. There are a whopping 140 different creams and over 10 powders, so by the time we have set up the table is brimming with pots, brushes and powders! Then we are ready to welcome our first client of the day.

How we can help

Listening is a huge part of my role. I always spend time asking questions and seeing how I can best support each client. Being able explain how skin camouflage works and demonstrate its application is also incredibly important. I want everyone to go home feeling confident enough to recreate the techniques.

How we experiment to get the skin camouflage you want

Using the natural daylight that streams through the clinic window, I look carefully at all the many tones and shades on the skin. After that, along with the client’s input, I experiment with applying different colour creams to the skin in order to find a match that the client is happy with.

Composite image showing a skin camouflage practitioner with a client, and skin camouflage products laid out on a table

A skin camouflage practitioner’s kit contains more than 140 different creams and over ten powders

After your appointment

At the end of an appointment, I hand the client a prescription request form to take to their GP, as well as a leaflet to remind the client of how to apply the products. There is such a lot to take in during an appointment, a reminder for help at home can be so handy!

Why I love my job

As skin camouflage practitioners, we are volunteers with many years of practical experience between us. The clinics are free of charge to the client and as a charity, we welcome any donations that clients might be able to offer. Being a skin camouflage practitioner is an amazing role and one I really enjoy.

How to book an appointment

Struggling with a mark, scar, or skin condition? Book an appointment –  our trained practitioners can give you practical support, as well as teach you how to self-apply specialist cover products.

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