Changing Faces supports people who have any condition or injury that affects their appearance, anywhere in the UK.


Personal information will be kept confidential within Changing Faces and will not be shared with any other organisation or individual outside the Charity, unless we have received your consent, written or oral. Information about your interaction with Changing Faces will be kept within the organisation and will only be shared with people who need to be informed in relation to the work they do here.

An exception will be made in the rare circumstances where there is safeguarding concern presenting a potentially serious risk of harm to yourself or another individual. Please see our Safeguarding Policy for more information.

If you are under 16 years old, we will need to get in touch with your parent / carer / guardian first before receiving our 1-1 or Skin Camouflage Services.

Changing Faces may record your details on our secure database. Any details you give us will be used to correspond with you, and to enable us to provide you with our service. Subsequently, data will be used anonymously for statistical purposes only.

For more details, and our Privacy Statement, please click here.