The Suit of Armour tool

Your SUIT OF ARMOUR will protect you

Imagine a suit of armour. You might like to draw a picture of it.

Now, think about trying the armour on for size and comfort. Think about how it might help you – it can protect you in some of those difficult situations when people are acting in a way that makes you anxious or upset. All those comments, stares and other things just bounce off – you are invincible!

Draw a picture of yourself in the armour and write some notes on it.

Step into the armour each time you are faced with a situation you find difficult or embarrassing. Practice thinking about this in different situations and remember how you look and feel inside it.

To add extra power, try using the MOTTO confidence tool at the same time!


You can also try this with a BUBBLE

In difficult or embarrassing situations, imagine blowing a big bubble around yourself. It is a very strong bubble with special powers to protect you. Picture it doing the same job as the armour – it’s just as strong, but it’s lighter to wear! Stares and comments will bounce right off your imaginary bubble. The good thing about the bubble is that you can include other people in it with you – like friends or family.

Handling staring


About confidence


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