The SMILE tool

This a tool created by Alison, who also has a visible difference.

“I thought I would share the strategy that I made up for myself when I was in my teens:”


S = speak – for me it’s the most important way to let my personality shine through and make people see I’m more than how I look.

M = mix – take up a new hobby, go out, meet people – it’s hard but it’s worth it.

I = ignore all the magazines, celebrity culture which promote the idea that if you’re not beautiful you don’t have a nice life – it’s just not true.  

L = live.  There are many occasions when I could just have closed the door and never gone out again but it would not have been a life. Having a life however hard it can be sometimes is really worth it in the long run – it has taught me so many valuable skills in handling other people and my visible difference.

E = eye contact.  I always maintain eye contact with who I am speaking to.  It helps me to show that I’m comfortable with my appearance and also to show that I’m listening to the other person.

And above all do SMILE – it has broken down many barriers for me.”



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