Changing Faces supports people who have any condition or injury that affects their appearance, anywhere in the UK

FAQs about Changing Faces' services

Do I have to pay?

There is no charge for any Changing Faces services to our clients and members of the public. The support and advice, emotional support sessions, skin camouflage, workshops and self-help guides are all provided free of charge.

However, Changing Faces is a charity. We rely on donations to carry out our services. So, if you feel you are able to make a donation, we would be very grateful. Or, you may like to take part in a fundraising event or volunteer, if you feel able to do this.

If you receive a skin camouflage session, the products are accessible by prescription from your GP (in most cases) and prescription charges will apply if you pay for them.

Can you give me medical information or advise me about treatment?

Changing Faces is not a medical organisation and so is not able to advise you about your medical condition, surgery or treatments. This is a role for your doctor or consultant, where you can explore your particular situation in detail.

Changing Faces can help you to prepare for this by talking though all the things you may need to ask at your appointment and help you to explore the options.

Can you refer me to a doctor or other health professional?

Changing Faces isn’t able to directly refer you to a health professional; however, we can help you to work with your doctor to find out more about your condition to make informed decisions about your treatment. We can also signpost you to other support organisations or contact your GP on your behalf, if you wish.

Some of the people on these pages have very noticeable differences; my condition is less visible, can I still contact you?

The visibility or size of a condition, mark or scar doesn’t always relate to the impact it has on your life. What’s important is how you feel. We welcome contact from anyone who has a condition, mark or scar affecting the appearance of the body or face. Initially, we will have a conversation with you to make an assessment of how we may be able to help – and for you to decide whether you feel Changing Faces is appropriate for you too.

Some people who contact us may be experiencing a psychological condition called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), an anxiety about body image and a preoccupation with perceived flaws in their appearance.

Changing Faces doesn’t have the expertise to offer ongoing support with BDD, but can have an initial conversation and point you in the direction of organisations that provide a service for people with this condition. It is also advised that you speak to your GP about accessing specific psychological support for this.

Does the condition, mark or scar have to be on my face?

We welcome contact from anyone who has a condition, mark or scar affecting their appearance, regardless of whether it is on your body or your face. What’s important is how you feel and how it affects your daily life.

Do I have to come to one of your centres to get support from a Changing Faces Practitioner?

Changing Faces offers support and advice by telephone, email or Skype. Face-to-face support and advice sessions are also available in London and Sheffield (covering Yorkshire and The Humber).

Will I have to come to one of your centres to do a workshop?

Workshops rely on a group of people getting together and sharing experiences with a Changing Faces Practitioner to facilitate and support. These are run in our London and Sheffield centres, and occasionally in other locations in cooperation with other charities and support groups.

Do I have to come to one of your centres for a skin camouflage session?

Skin camouflage is a face-to-face session with a practitioner – we have centres around the country. All referrals are online via our website. In some case you may self-refer, but some areas require a health professional referral. You can find out more about the Skin Camouflage Service here.

Can you help me find funding for a medical procedure?

As Changing Faces is a charity we are not able to help you with funding for medical treatments. We can spend time with you talking to help you to make informed decisions about your treatment.

How are the Changing Faces Practitioners qualified?

The practitioners come from a range of caring professions including psychology, counselling, therapy, teaching, social work and nursing. They build on their previous experience by receiving specific appearance-related and support training from Changing Faces.

How can I be referred for Changing Faces support and advice?

It’s very simple. You can refer yourself by calling or emailing us.

Alternatively, your GP or another health professional can refer you by filling in a Health Professional form.

How are the Skin Camouflage Practitioners qualified?

The Skin Camouflage Practitioners are skilled volunteers who have been specially trained in the techniques to apply cover creams and powders. They will show you how to apply the camouflage products yourself.

I'm outside the UK. Can you help me?

Changing Faces services are only available in the UK, but you can access our self-help guides and other resources across this website.

For support and information

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