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Thank you for referring your patient to our wellbeing service

Thank you for getting in touch with the Changing Faces wellbeing team. We will review the referral and make contact with your patient or client directly.

You should shortly receive email confirmation from us, that you can keep for your records. Please check your spam or junk folders just in case it has gone there by mistake.

Whilst your patient or client is waiting to hear from us, you are welcome to share our self-help guides with them.

You could also suggest they connect with other people living with a visible difference on our Online Community.

You or your patient may also be interested to find out more about our Skin Camouflage Service. Skin camouflage is the use of specialist, highly pigmented creams and powders, that closely match a person’s skin colour. They can be used on the face or body. Changing Faces offers appointments to help people find the right products and application techniques for them.

If you have any further questions about Changing Faces services, please email [email protected] or call the Support and Information Line on 0300 012 0275.

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