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Our partnership with Clan Cancer Support to provide Skin Camouflage Service in Aberdeen

Clan Cancer Support has opened up their facility, Clan House, to host our monthly Skin Camouflage Clinics in Aberdeen.

People from across north east Scotland, with a visible difference, like a scar, mark or condition on their face or body, can now access our free Skin Camouflage Service, thanks to a new partnership with Clan Cancer Support.

Skin camouflage is where specialist creams and powders are applied over scars, marks or non-infectious skin conditions, to reduce their appearance.

A woman in a nurse's top, wearing glasses with white hair tied up, applies skin camouflage products to a man's face. We can see the back of the man's head only - he has some stubble on his face and wears a shirt and a blue jumper.

A skin camouflage service practitioner applies products to a male client

The products are long-lasting, waterproof and suitable for the face or body. They come in a vast array of shades and colours, ensuring they can be applied to all skin tones.

Our specialist Skin Camouflage Service gives adults, young people and children aged over 5, living with a visible difference, a choice over their appearance and a sense of control over how they want to look day to day.

Angela Harris, Changing Faces, Head of Scotland, says:

“Too many people with visible differences and disfigurements are having to deal with a daily grind of stares, comments and abuse, simply because of how they look.

“Our Skin Camouflage Service is all about offering people choice. We can support people to camouflage their visible difference, if doing so will help them lead the life they want. And now, thanks to our new partnership with Clan Cancer Support, we can deliver our monthly clinic in Aberdeen from a superb facility that offers a warm welcome to our clients, and our skin camouflage practitioners.

Our Skin Camouflage Service is all about offering people choice.

Angela Harris, Changing Faces, Head of Scotland.

“Changing Faces and Clan Cancer Support have a shared vision to provide the best possible support for people living in Aberdeen and north east Scotland. Together we know we can help improve the lives of anyone living with a visible difference.”

The Skin Camouflage Service clinic in Aberdeen launched on 1 April, and anyone with a visible difference can refer themselves or can ask their GP or health care practitioner to refer them using this form.

There are currently skin camouflage appointments available in Scotland. Following the suspension of the service due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have significant waiting lists in some parts of England and are currently prioritising both face-to-face and online/phone appointments for those already on our waiting list.

Changing Faces also offers one-to-one counselling and wellbeing support to adults, children and young people across Scotland, as well as a peer support group and self-help guides.

Kay Johnston, Clan’s Head of Cancer Support Services, says:

“We are extremely excited to welcome the partnership with Changing Faces as their values align with Clan’s own. We’re delighted that they will be holding their monthly clinics from Clan House for any of our cancer clients with a visible difference, as well as those from across the community with other types of scars, marks or conditions.

“We are here to support people emotionally and practically, so by forming this partnership we hope to provide a new support system for those that need it most. This service will make a vital impact to people affected by cancer and their journey. Referrals can be made via Changing Faces website or from ourselves as an organisation or by self-referral.”

“By forming this partnership we hope to provide a new support system for those that need it most.”

Kay Johnston, Clan’s Head of Cancer Support Services

Whilst many cancer patients can acquire scars and other visible differences because of cancer treatments, the Skin Camouflage Clinic at Clan House is available to anyone with a visible difference. Changing Faces’ experienced skin camouflage practitioners, Gill and Justyna, who will be delivering the clinic in Aberdeen, are looking forward to meeting new clients at Clan.

Gill Moffatt, Changing Faces, Skin Camouflage Practitioner, says:

“Many individuals arrive at a clinic and almost the first thing they do is apologise for coming in. They tell me that there will be others who have a more noticeable visible difference than them and who are more deserving of the appointment. I’m able to reassure them that if their visible difference is having an impact on their life, then they deserve to have the choice to use these products and the opportunity to access them through this service.

“What more reward can there be as a skin camouflage practitioner than to see an anxious individual enter a clinic and depart as a confident, happy one?”

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