The Christmas Challenge 2019

One in two children with a disfigurement are bullied. Sadly the abuse doesn’t stop at Christmas and can have a devastating impact on their wellbeing.

That’s why this year we’re sharing with you Elizabeth’s Letter to Santa and asking you to fund the UK’s only free counselling service for children with a visible difference.

The great news is we have now smashed through our initial Big Give fundraising target of £15,000.  Thank you to every one of our generous supporters – we couldn’t do what we do without you.

But Elizabeth doesn’t want us to stop now! She’s challenged us to raise £20,000 by Christmas, to support more children with a visible difference.

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Elizabeth’s letter to Santa


You may remember Elizabeth’s story from earlier this year. You can see it on our Facebook and Twitter. Her parents, Sinead and Liam wrote an open letter to all those who shunned, bullied and abused Elizabeth because of her visible difference.

They were overwhelmed by the compassionate and kind response from the public. The love shown to their family meant the world. We recently caught up with Elizabeth and her parents to find out their Christmas wish.

Why give to our Christmas appeal

This Christmas, you can support Elizabeth and others by donating towards the UK’s only free wellbeing and psychosocial counselling services for children with a visible difference. Many of these kids have appearance-related mental health issues and may need more help to cope.

With your donations, we will expand our advice and support services and networks for children with a visible difference; giving more children tools to manage their feelings, cope in social settings, or key transitions like starting school.

Please, help Elizabeth and other children today, by making a gift. It costs around £32 per session. Whether you can afford to donate part of a session or even multiple sessions, every penny counts and I will be grateful for your support.

Make a donation to Changing Faces

Please Donate

Liam and Sinead’s letter about their daughter went viral in July

Why would an adult say ‘at least she won’t have to wear a Halloween mask’ or refuse to serve us at a supermarket till because she looked ‘scary’? 

The incredibly powerful open letter from Liam and Sinead about their daughter and her visible difference went viral in July. 

See our original Facebook post and tweet.

If you would also like to make a regular donation to help people with a visible difference, head over to our donations page. Please note: donations on this page aren’t part of The Big Give and won’t be doubled.