Changing Faces supports people who have any condition or injury that affects their appearance, anywhere in the UK

Coronavirus: Impact on services

Some of our services have been affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Read more to find out how you can get support.

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1-1 Sessions with a Wellbeing Practitioner

Changing Faces offers confidential counselling support to adults, children, young people and families who are affected by condition, mark or scar that affects their appearance, in the UK.

We run a specific service for children in Yorkshire and the Humberclick here for more information

Your Practitioner will talk with you about your appearance-related concerns and help you to deal with the issues and worries you have when coping with the impact of a visible difference.  This may help to:

  • cope with your feelings better, talk things through and explore options
  • support you to build your self-esteem, grow in confidence and feel more positive
  • cope with other people’s reactions by discussing techniques to handle everyday situations like staring, questions and comments
  • reach your aims in every day life, such as feeling comfortable socialising, going to work, attending school or developing relationships
  • find out more about your condition and treatment options

You might have one or two sessions or perhaps more, up to 12 sessions.  This will be discussed and agreed with your practitioner as you go along.  Available face-to-face in central London or Sheffield (children and parents from Yorkshire and the Humber), by telephone or via Skype

To find out more about how you might be able to have 1-1 counselling sessions at Changing Faces, please contact our Support and Information Line

Call us 10am-4pm Monday to Friday on 0300 012 0275
Calls to our 0300 number cost the same as a call to any landline

Email us by filling out our online Contact Form
Please include your name and location to enable us to help you better