A message about Changing Faces’ Founder, Dr James Partridge OBE

James was a tireless champion for people with visible differences, write David Clayton, Chair of Trustees and Becky Hewitt, CEO of Changing Faces.

We are deeply saddened that Changing Faces’ Founder, Dr James Partridge OBE, has passed away.

Our thoughts are with his family at this terribly sad time. James was an unequalled, passionate and tireless champion and pioneer for people with disfigurements and the global campaign for Face Equality. He has inspired and changed the lives of so many people, most recently through his leadership of Face Equality International – an international alliance of NGOs working with people with disfigurements. His loss will be felt deeply within our community.

James Partridge

James Partridge

James’ dedication to fighting discrimination and prejudice, and offering first-class psychosocial support for people with disfigurements across the world, is a powerful legacy. James’ drive, energy and commitment will continue to inspire our work.

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