Your personal experience can help our campaigns, and help us reach more people

Tell your story

If you or a family member have personal experience of living with a visible difference, your story can be a powerful message that helps us campaign for equality, improve services, and reach more people. Or if you simply have a story you want to share that will help the community, please tell us below. 

4 tips for writing your story

  1. Aim for around 500 words
  2. Our audience like stories that are personal to the person who wrote it. So try to tell us as much as you can about how your visible difference has changed how you live. For example, if a stranger said something to you, what was the scenario and how did it affect you emotionally and practically? 
  3. If you’ve been on a journey of lows and highs, let us know what those moments were
  4. Get inspired by looking at stories other people with a visible difference have submitted on our Your Story page

Whether you want to share your story in the media, or just tell it anonymously, we always welcome people sharing their story with us.

Changing Faces will treat all information as confidential.
We will not sell or swap your details with other charities or third parties. We will keep your details safe and will only use them in accordance with our privacy policy. We would like to keep you up to date about our work, fundraising activities and ways to get involved so please tell us how you'd like to stay in touch.

Tell us your story

The first step is to complete the form above. Once submitted, it’s reviewed by our Communications Team, and we will contact you to talk about your story, and if you would like to share it publicly or on the ‘Your Stories‘ page. If we think your story might be worth sharing elsewhere, we’ll talk to you about your options.

If you have any questions you’d like answering before completing the form, please email our Communications team on

Finally, please remember that Changing Faces only works in the United Kingdom, and so we regret we’re unable to work with people who are overseas.

How your story could be used

On our website or social media 
Here are some stories that to show the difference that Changing Faces can make. We can also use stories to show schools, colleges, companies and health providers how they need to improve. These stories are often shared on our social media pages, too.

In a newspaper, magazine, online or on TV and film
This is a great way to help us get our message out there. If we think your story is suitable for a newspaper or magazine article, we’ll talk this through with you first, and talk about potentially becoming a champion for Changing Faces.