Retail Learning Modules

Retail learning modules

These modules are an interactive way for retail professionals to learn about disfigurement. They will help staff to understand that a reaction to a customer with an unusual appearance is normal, but how they manage the reaction is essential to delivering quality customer service to all; irrespective of appearance.

The modules also provide help on how to ensure that the customer feels cared for and comfortable throughout their journey, and that staff use appropriate language. Learners also have a chance to put their skills into practice in customer scenarios.

Each module takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

You don’t have to do every module below at once and can return to each one individually. The modules are all easily accessible and applicable to all aspects of retail:

Please fill out our pre-evaluation survey before completing each module.
Please fill out our post-evaluation survey after you have completed each module.

Watch one of our champions, Tulsi Vagjiani, talking on ITV London about why we have launched the retail training modules for staff:

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