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Parents of children and young people

Read about how to support your child in dealing with the issues they face, and learn valuable ways to advise and prepare them for situations they may face in the future.

You and your baby

This guide aims to support and guide you through these early days and provide some suggestions that may help

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You and your child

This guide aims to look at the meaning of ‘visible difference’ or ‘unusual appearance’, explore some of the challenges for you socially Look at your needs and challenges as a family and provide you with a range of techniques, resources and information

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Talking with your child

This guide aims to look at practical ways to talk with your child openly about their own appearance.

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Preparing for school

This guide aims to help you prepare your child for transition to the next learning environment, support you in working with teachers and other parents in talking about and responding to your child’s condition and help you and your child to manage staring and answer questions from children and parents.

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When teasing becomes bullying

This guide aims to look at ways you can prepare yourself and your child for any hospital treatments or surgery, help you to feel more confident in supporting your child during this time and provide practical suggestions for when your child is returning home and back to nursery or school

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Communicating with confidence

This guide aims to look at strategies and techniques for communicating with other people and responding to curiosity and reactions from the public and provide practical ideas for parents and guardians to support their children in their communication and social interactions with peers

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